CONFUSED? (Serial Stories; Where do they start?)

It is confusing when someone (like me for example) has a blog that contains stand alone stories and a series of posts that make up one longer story.

This leaves the reader in a pickle; the reader now has to try to figure out where the story begins.

 Hopefully the following information will help out.

 I will first identify the stories that are a series.

The first series is Alex in Blunderland. It starts at;

The next series is Thus Spoke Fred. It starts at;

There is a really strange story written by two people (it is disjointed but I promise it all comes together in the end) called The Dichotomist. It starts at;

The series “The Man Who Lost a Thought” starts on;

The series “My First Blog” starts on; 

Recently completed, is “Forty Days and Forty Nights.” It starts at:

A series has just finished; “Invisible Factories (Genetically Modified)” whose introductory post begins here;

A new series started 11/5/2012 and begins here:

There is a little three part story which was entered on February of 2013 and it starts here:

There is a series underway about “The Zodiacs.” It started in November of 2014. The first post can be found here:


The remainder are a bunch of individual short stories. You can go to the catagory “Another Short Story By Waldo.” Or you can start here; 

I hope that helped.

OH – – – Here he is!


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