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Good afternoon!

Good afternoon.

Thank you for allowing

me to interview

you today.

Not to mention it.

I love being interviewed.

So I have heard.

I see my reputation precedes me.

That is does.

Where do you think it would be

a good place to start?

I am a firm believer in starting

at the beginning.

That sounds good to me.

I was Thomas Quick born

under the sign of the Taurus;

April 26, 1950 in Korsnäs, Finland.

What else is important to you?

I have some good traits.

Examples please.

I am patient and reliable,

warmhearted and loving,

persistent and determined,

but mostly placid and security loving.

You sure are secure here!

Touché, my friend.

You have a sense of humor.


However, the doctors say

I have another side.

And that is?

I can be jealous,

self-indulgent and greedy.

They also say I am possessive .

Why do they say that?

Because I didn’t want to leave

Thomas Quick behind.

You once possessed the body

of Thomas Quick.

Now you have lost him.

Does that make you sad?


Who wouldn’t be sad?

Everything I had accomplished

in my life was gone.

I now possess nothing.

I was meant to be famous;

a persistent drive on my part.

Yes, you were famous;

in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

I was Sweden’s most

notorious serial killer.

I confessed to more than

thirty murders;

only convicted of eight.

Do you think you have

moved beyond that

past life?

My therapy sessions at

Säter Hospital for the

criminally insane

over the years have

proved that point.

So Thomas Quick

is now gone?


He had maimed, raped

and eaten the remains

of his victims.

That was back in the 1970’s.

But not all in the 1970’s;


Most of his eight convictions

were for what he had patiently

committed in the 1980’s.

Were there other decades

of mayhem?

Some other activities

were completed in

the late 1960’s

but no one ever knew.

I had to tell them

all about those.

But now it is all gone?


I am now Sture Bergwall.

How did you become Sture?

There is nothing mysterious about it.

I changed my name the way

everyone does; through willpower.

Let’s leave Sture Bergwall

until a little later in the interview.

Is that OK with you?


Tell me about

Thomas Quick’s victims.

1976, Charles Zelmanovits, age 15.

After sex I, or rather Thomas,

cut him up and took

a leg as a souvenir.

That pleased Thomas?


Then in 1980, Thomas killed

Johan Asplund, 11 years old.

Thomas said he buried

some of the organs,

and what he didn’t throw out

of the car window

he took home

and ate.

You told this to the authorities?

Not I.

Thomas told them.

There were others?

Oh, there were many more.

However, he was only convicted

of these eight.

Who was next on Thomas’ list?

In 1981 Thomas killed, Trine Jensen, age 17

After his usual activities Thomas said

he strangled her with

the strap of her handbag.

That is three victims.

but there were only

four trials and

five convictions.

Yes. I glad you mentioned that.

Thomas was very proud of this double murder.

A double murder?

In 1984, Marinus and Janny Stegehuis,

a Dutch couple were camping.

Thomas said he stabbed the husband

through the tent canvas.

He could describe the attack

in exact detail – – –

how many times

he stabbed

each victim.

That brings us to five victims.

Thomas was a bit ashamed

of the common place murder

he committed in 1985.

She was Gry Storvik, age 23.

He made the Norwegian prostitute

strip and he described how

she vomited as he strangled her.

And next?

Next was a 24 year old

Israeli student – – –

Yenon Levi, age 24

Thomas and an accomplice

took the tourist to a camp

in the woods.

They killed him as he

tried to escape.

And the final one?

In 1988, Therese Johannesen,

a Norwegian girl, nine years old,

was at a bus shelter waiting.

How was she murdered?

Thomas pulled her down a slope.

He bashed her head against a rock.

Wasn’t there some controversy?


He was very disappointed

that she was not a boy.

No. I mean some controversy

over whether they had found her remains?

He said he returned a year later

to burn the remains.

A bone fragment was found

that appeared to have been cut

exactly as he had identified.




So that explains Thomas Quick.

Can we discuss Sture Bergwall now?

Yes. Since he is all that remains.

Where should we start with Sture?

The same place as before;

in the beginning.


I had met a lot of people

while being held at Säter Hospital

for the criminally insane.

Yes. I understand that you

had a lot of police detectives

from Finland, Denmark and

Sweden visiting you.

Well they weren’t really visiting me

they wanted to talk to Thomas Quick.

I really miss Thomas.

And what did they want?

They had heard that Thomas appeared

to know the details about several murders

in Scandinavia.

And did he?

Oh yes.

How did he know about the murders.

Well I had day pass privileges from

Säter Hospital.


And I would go to the library and read

about murders. Then I told the hospital

staff about them. Then someone called

the police authorities.

And that is when Thomas Quick appeared?


I told them I was really

Thomas Quick – – –

a serial murderer.

And they believed you?


Why do you think that was?

Because I knew a lot of details

from the newspapers I read

in the library while on day pass.

But they should have realized that

was the extent of your knowledge.


They should have known.

But the more questions they asked

the more detailed knowledge I gained.

Soon, I had convinced the police of

my first ‘make believe’ murder.

And then?

Then more and more detectives

began to show up.

From where?

From everywhere!

They wanted to be able to say

that they had closed out an old

case – – – and then another – – –

and then another.

So you convinced them that

you, Sture Bergwall, had committed

all those murders?

Not I, but rather Thomas Quick

– – – who never existed.

And they took you to trial?


And they convicted you?


Why didn’t you speak up

during the trials?

Why would I?

Look at all the attention

that I was getting.

My life was no longer at

a dead end in

Säter Hospital.

I, as Thomas Quick, was famous!

I see.

And then what happened?

Some of the forensic evidence

was placed in question.

Which evidence?

The burned bone fragment.

And then?

Everything came out in the open.

Once again – – –

I had to become Sture Bergwall.

And all your convictions?

They were set aside.

So now you are no longer

criminally insane?


Are you going to be released

from Säter Hospital?


Do you know when?





Twenty three years after he was locked up

in Säter Hospital for the criminally insane,

he made his most staggering confession of all:

that he had made it all up.


In August, 2013 all charges

against Sture Bergwall

were set aside.

He was 63 years old.


Sweden’s justice system had been shattered.


Sture Bergwall


Bergwall told the press;

“If I hadn’t accepted therapy and benzodiazepines,

no Thomas Quick would have been created.”

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