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Welcome to our little office Arthur.

Or should I call you ‘Mitch?’

Arthur would be OK.

You’ve been a little busy lately.

So it would seem.

You gave us a bit of a puzzle.

I didn’t mean to cause extra work for you.

Well – – – we are quite relieved now.

So I hear.

Do you want to tell us about it?

It seems as though you know everything.

Yes, we do.

However we would like to hear it from you.

I am at your disposal.

Funny – – – you should use that word.

What word?


Why is that strange?

Because that is what you did with them.

Oh. Yes. You are right about that.

I heard you were busy along the Black River

up near the Adirondacks a few years back.

Yes. But that has all been settled.

Sure. But let’s talk about it anyway.

I don’t remember a lot about it.

There was a little boy and a little girl.

Yes. That’s right.

Can you tell us about it?

I’d rather not.

We have the court records.

Well, I can’t remember so you

should just read the records.

Your motives were not clear.

I’m not talking about it.

Are you just touchy about it,

or are you being shrewd.



No. I just don’t want to talk about it.

Lets talk about what we caught

you doing today.

That is my private business.

That’s true, but not in public.

That’s not the point.

What is the point?

The point is not where or not what.

Again, what is the point?

The point is who.

The point is the girl?



Because she had loved me.

That is a strange way to repay love.

And then you had to do THAT

over her dead body?

She wasn’t dead.

How about the other ten?

There were eleven?


If you say so.

How could you lose track?

You would too if you went back

to visit all of your girlfriends

several times.

You visited them afterwards?



Don’t you guys believe in forensics?

Again. We would like to hear it from you.

They didn’t have many close friends.

And neither did I.

You were lonely?

I have already answered that.

Were you clinging and unable to let go?

I suppose so.

Again a strange way of acting

on those emotions.

I look at it as more a matter of being

protective and sympathetic.

Oh. How about discussing some facts now.


Do you remember any names?

I remember a Dorothy and June

and Darlene and – – – a Felicia.

Yes. Felicia was special.

Any more names?

Not at the moment.

How about Jack Blake?

Yes, I just answered your questions on that.

I didn’t ask any questions

about Jack Blake.

But you wanted to talk about it.

Yes I did.

And how about Karen Ann Hill?

I told you I don’t want to talk about it.

I just need to know if there was anything

common between the boy and girl

in Watertown, New York and these ladies

that we keep running across

here in Rochester, New York.

Not really; other than I had sex with

the little girl before I killed her.

And the boy?

I just killed him in a fit of anger.

Yes, you told that story before

and then you changed it.

Oh yes, I guess you are right.

Do you get mixed up very often?

C’mon – – – that was in 1972!

What were you doing in 1972,

bet you can’t tell me that.


A knock on the door;

and then it opened.

Can I speak to Mr. Shawcross?

for a little while?

A nod,

and then the first

investigator leaves.

Hello Mr. Shawcross,

I’m here to ask you a few questions.

So was the other fellow.

Mine are a little more pointed,

if you don’t mind.

No. That’s fine.

Is Clara involved in these murders?

Oh no!

She isn’t?

No, I just borrowed her car.

Is that how her gear shift got broke?


Could you tell me what happened?

She pissed me off.


Elizabeth Gibson.


She said I wasn’t a full man.

And then what happened?

I slapped her around a bit.

And she fought back?

To some degree.

Why did it escalate?

She started screaming at me.

She looked and acted exactly

like my mother used to.

And then?

I buried my elbow in her throat.

She died in the car?


And then?

Then we had sex.

In the car?

No. On the river bank.

We didn’t find her clothes.

I threw them out the window somewhere.

I see. Do you remember where?


Are you aware that we found one of

June Cicero’s earrings in Clara’s car?

No. So what?

So we now have solid evidence.

Stick your evidence up your ass.

Let’s see if we can solidify the evidence.

Guessing – – – you are just guessing.

The new investigator

goes to door

and opens it.

Would you bring in

Mrs. Shawcross and Clara?

What are they doing here?

We just want to verify

dates and times.

Leave them out of it.

Would you rather confess

about these eleven murders?

Yes. OK. Let’s get it over with.


Arthur Shawcross

 Shawcross Mug Shot


Arthur Shawcross’ Victims

Jack O. Blake, age 10

Karen Ann Hill, age 8

Dorothy Blackburn, age 27

Anna Marie Steffen, age 28

Dorothy Keller, age 59

Patricia Ives, age 25

Maria Welsh, age 22

Frances M Brown, age 22

June Stott, age 30

Elizabeth A. Gibson, age 29

June Cicero, age 34

Darlene Trippi, age 32

Felicia Stephens, age 20


On November 9th, 2008 Arthur Shawcross

complained of leg pains while in jail.

He was taken to

an Albany hospital for medical attention,

where he died.







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3 Responses to THE CANCER

  1. How terrible. Does God or Mother Nature give us these anomalies as a lesson, or is life just that random?

    Be sure you get outside on sunny days, even if it is cold.

    With fond thoughts of you and best holiday wishes, Virginia Llorca

    • I think we give each other these anomalies; one bad seed tends to raise another.

      Thanks for the tip on getting outside. I go for a brisk walk of over one mile every other day. Usually complete it in 15 or 20 minutes.

      May you and your family also have a great holiday season Virginia.

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