19. Invisible Factories (Genetically Modified); The Adroit Reproof


When the Emperor Sousta, after the cap­ture of Belgrade, re-entered his capital, he granted his victorious army a day to be spent in diversion. The soldiers committed many extravagances. Among other things, they en­tered by night the house of a widow and robbed it of all it contained. The next day, the widow appeared before the Emperor, as he was riding through the streets of the city, and addressed him in these terms:

“My lord, thy rapacious soldiers, last night, pillaged my house. I am a widow, and the mother of four children ; I come to ask justice of thee.”


Widow Asking for Recompense

The Emperor, somewhat angry to see him­self addressed in this fashion, asked the widow if she knew the soldiers who had committed the crime. But, as the woman excused herself by saying that she had not perceived the rob­bery till daybreak, the Emperor said:

“In that case, thou sufferest the penalty of thy own fault; thou shouldst not have been so negligent, nor have slept so soundly.”

“I slept soundly and without inquietude,” replied the widow, undisturbed, “because I believed that the justice of the valiant Sousta was guarding the door of my house; for I did not think that the army, with which he had defended the frontiers of his empire, could pillage his own subjects.”

The Sultan found this reply excellent, and caused to be restored to the widow double the amount of what she had lost.


Hundreds of thousands of women in Europe, Asia and Africa died due to Big Pharma’s disregard for human life. Millions of young people across the world remained unable to recreate children of their own.

The victims of the crime were awarded the assets of Big Pharma as a small token for their loss of not ever being able to have their own children.


Mother and Child

Jeff was awarded 1/50th of 1% of Big Pharma’s assets that they had greedily hoarded during the two decades.

It was more money than he would ever need for his retirement years. He formed a foundation to help offset the costs of adoption for the young couples who could not have their own children.

Thousands of orphan children from poor countries were adopted into the welcome arms of wealthier nations.

The countries whose populations had been decimated were in a position to make a comeback.

The book on “The Magic Ring” had been closed and everyone lived happily ever after.


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