18. Invisible Factories (Genetically Modified); The Sacred Fire

A shrewd Vizier of the court of Persia said to a young man, his relative:

“Mind me, Daoud, and, if thou wouldst make thy fortune at our court, grave well on thy brain this precept, which has never de­ceived me : ‘The King is a sea, from whose waves one must retire when tempestuous ; but when it is tranquil, you may fish therein for pearls.’ Thou hast virtues which may acquire thee the favor of our sublime Sultan. Perfect those virtues, my son; but seek also to familiar­ize thyself with the vices that please him; for a vice, the moment it pleases him, becomes in his eyes a virtue. Above all, praise everything that he may say or do. If he should say at noonday, ‘it is night,’ add quickly, ‘Yes, behold the moon and the stars!’”

Evil Vizier

Wicked Uncle

“I cannot,” answered Daoud. “I will die for the great Sultan, if he need it; but I never will flatter him. My heart is too stout and too sincere to be able to debase itself to that de­gree. I would rather serve him in his army. The dangers of war alarm me less than the morals of the court, and the shameful accidents to which thou art exposed. For what is needed to ruin thee? The whisper of an enemy, the least inattention on thy part, a moment’s ill-humor of that Sultan whom thou adorest as a god, are sufficient to efface at a single stroke all the services of thy life!

Worshipping Guebers

Guebers Worshipping Sun and Fire

I knew a Gueber,* who for forty years had rendered divine wor­ship to the principle of fire. One day, whilst he was stirring the sacred brazier, somebody pushed him. He fell into the flames; and the fire devoured its own adorer.”

*{The manners of the Guebers are mild. They drink wine, eat all kinds of meat, marry but one wife, and live chastely and temperately. Divorce and polygamy are prohibited by their religion; but if a wife remains barren during the first nine years of marriage, the husband may take a second wife.} From Wikipedia


The CEO of Big Pharma hated the day that The Director, who had been fired, brought him the stolen formula for “The Magic Ring.”  Everything that involved that project seemed to turn against Big Pharma.

First, the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) rejected it due to some concerns they had about the formula. Then the European Medicines Agency (EMA) accepted it with open arms as did countries in Asia and Africa.

Big Pharma made a fortune on “The Magic Ring” for two decades before minor health problems started appearing. That was followed by a variety of severe health problems that eventually changed into aggressive cancers within the women who had used it.

There were millions of children born in the two decades when Big Pharma was making money. These offspring were undergoing studies as part of the study on the women. It was discovered that every one of these children, both male and female, were incapable of reproducing their own children. That line of progeny had come to a dead end.

Big Pharma’s assets were frozen, under court control, to help offset the civil suits that were being filed.

Big Pharma’s senior executives were arrested for “criminal disregard for human life” and held without bail.

Jeff and his lawyer were filing papers to protect himself and to lay claim to a minor piece of Big Pharma’s assets.

Jeff’s new lawyer had hired a team of chemical engineers and doctors to review Jeff’s notes. They labored over both sets of notes. The original notes had been covered beneath the sketch of the young girls at the water well.

Magical Writing

Incorrect Formula for “Magic Ring” Hidden Beneath “Arabian Women at Well”

They also labored over Jeff’s modified notes when he discovered that there was an error in the original formula.

The Director had stolen Jeff’s original notes with the incorrect formula. That formula was used to manufacture “The Magic Ring.”


TOMORROW:  19.   The Adroit Reproof




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