16. Invisible Factories (Genetically Modified); Queen Eff-Dee-Ae

“I, Sineddin, King of the Great Island, wish to my brother mortals peace and safety. I was twenty years old when my father Schor-PooLu died, and, as being the eldest of his sons, I mounted the throne. My heart felt no leaning towards anything.”

“Then walking one day, along the river which bathes my gardens, a virgin appeared to tell me of a beautiful queen who was “waiting to meet Sineddin, King of the Great Island.”

“I asked where I would find such a queen and ‘Stao’ was the answer I received.”

“’Yes, I must go to the island of Stao,’ I at length exclaimed; “I must gain the friendship of the beautiful Eff-Dee-Ae. Perhaps she will yield me her hand, and will thus render me the happiest of kings; and even if this hope should deceive me, still it will be enough for me to have seen that celebrated princess.’”

“I returned to my palace, I ordered a vessel to be got ready in all haste, I assembled my viziers; and, when the eleventh day dawned, I disembarked on the island of Stao.”

Queen Eff-dee-Ae's Castle

Home of the Queen

“This island has the form of a circular pyra­mid. The palace of the daughter of Aaruth is on the extreme summit, and fixes suddenly the regards of the stranger. The sole means of reaching it is by a staircase cut in the rock, and which is divided, by six ivory gates, into six great equal parts. I knocked at the first gate. It opened. Six Dervishes came to meet me. The eldest among them, whose white hair and drooping head testified his advanced years, asked me who I was, and what I wanted. I answered :

‘I am King SINEDIIIN, the son of Schor‑PooLu, and I am come to gain the friendship of the fair Queen.’”

“‘If I could count upon thy discretion,’ re­plied the old man, ‘I would give thee a piece of good advice.’”

“‘Oh thou mayst,’ I replied ; ‘I will profit the best I may by thy counsel : say on.’”

The old man shook his head, and said:

“’Go thy ways; my son; my counsel would not greatly serve thee; for thou art too much taken up with thyself to respect the advice of another. Good b’ye, for the present ‘”

Old Dervish

Grey Haired Dervish protecting castle

“At these words, he turned his back upon me, and moved, with his companions, towards the gate.”

“I continued on my way with a slow step.”

“At each gate other officials met me; at the second gate five Calenders (wandering dervishes) met me, at the third gate four Santons (saints), at the fourth gate three Mollahs (judges), at the fifth gate two Imams (priests), and at the final sixth gate the same virgin who met me at my river that watered my palace garden.”

“At each gate the questions became much lighter. My answers appeared with ease. I finally met Queen Eff-Dee-Ae and she offered me riches. I refused gems, baubles, silver and gold.

Finally she offered me a beautiful ring with my image on its face.”

“’I accept this gift,’ said I, ‘but only as a token.’”

“The Queen raged and ordered me off the island.”

Enraged Queen Eff-Dee-Ae

“There were fifty ladies of the Queen, all furious as she- lions. They rushed upon me, seized me, and dragged me to the second door of the staircase that was cut in the rock. This door, as well as all the others, was open, and the keepers were every­where ready to accelerate my departure as much as possible. The two Imams took me by the arms and hurled me toward the Mol­lahs; these threw me into the arms of the Santons; the Santons, with the quickness of lightning, handed me over to the Calenders; and the Calenders delivered me to the Dervishes: all this with such rapidity that my feet scarcely touched the earth. Breathless, and half-dead, I fell into the midst of the Dervishes, who placed themselves about me, uttering cries so loud that all the island echoed.”

“I foresaw,” said the old man with the white locks, when I had recovered my senses, “that thou wouldst do no great things. Presump­tion, my son, is the source of a world of follies; for there, where reigns a vain self-love, true wisdom cannot dwell. For the rest, if this voyage has rendered thee wiser, I congratulate thee; but as for what has passed, console thy­self with thinking on the great number of thy predecessors who have quitted the castle of Queen Eff-Dee-Ae with no less rapidity.”

“I bid the old man adieu, and embarking, set sail, content that the Queen had left me, as a mark of remembrance, her ring; which ever since I regard as a friend of good counsel, and carry night and day on my finger.”

Jilted by Queen Eff-dee-ae

Jilted by Queen Eff-dee-ae


The CEO of Big Pharma was furious with the Food and Drug Administration for rejecting “The Magic Ring.”

The only saving grace was that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) was divided into local sections and being funded by the European Union; which was undergoing its own fiscal crises.

And therefore “The Magic Ring” was marketed and widely accepted in Europe; with Asia and Africa tumbling down its descending stairway.


TOMORROW:  17.  The Water of Life


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