15. Invisible Factories (Genetically Modified); The Transformation

“A King of India was old and had no children.

As he loved his people, and feared that the pride of his emirs, after his death, would kindle bloody wars in his dominions on account of the election of his successor, he designated to reign after him whatever stranger, the morning after his death, should enter first by the eastern gate of his capital. He died soon after; and the inhabitants ran to the gate in question, to see him whom Fate should send them for Sultan. The first that arrived was a poor dervish, who was going from one town to another to beg his daily bread. They received him with great cries of joy, clothed him in royal robes, set him on an elephant, and, after having led him in procession through the city, conducted him to the palace, where the emirs acknowledged him for their sovereign.”

A New King

The New King

“The rapid passage from the most painful poverty to a brilliant throne, surrounded with every earthly splendor, intoxicated the dervish for some time; but at last he became as indiffer­ent to the charms and pleasures of his new con­dition as he had been to the pains of his past. As the happy commencement of his reign was not slow in changing into disquiet; as it hap­pened that discontented emirs conspired against him; as powerful enemies, his neighbors, car­ried war and trouble into his country; as quar­rels and complaints surrounded on all sides his brilliant throne; he began to perceive that not only he had gained nothing in happiness by his change of state, but that on the contrary he had lost something in joy and content­ment.”


Executive Jealousy

Competition in the Ranks

The Director of the project “The Magic Ring” was soon promoted to Executive Vice President for Research.

His fellow directors soon turned on him. Jealous of his quick rise within Big Pharma they searched for flaws in the project. Week after week he had to protect himself from the sharks. His mood turned from cocky to cynical and finally to despair. He was unable to concentrate.


The End of the Dervish

“If I could efface from my heart the remembrance of the past, I would renounce at once the throne, and would roam again the world with my old com­panion. Man’s real happiness consists in health and in a joyous tranquility of soul. He who possesses these two gifts may, without loss, renounce all the rest; and that man alone can be called unhappy who wants one or other of those goods. Now, in my new position, I am in want of both these at once.”


The End of the Director

The CEO saw The Director collapse under the pressure. Little did he realize that The Director had not earned his way up the ladder but rather schemed his way. The CEO offered to buy the remaining year of The Director’s contract; a handsome $267,000 for someone who was falling apart at the seams.

The Director accepted the offer and his connections to Big Pharma were severed.


TOMORROW:  16.  Queen Eff-Dee-Ae


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