12. Invisible Factories (Genetically Modified); Hypocrisy

“When Hatem-Tai, surnamed the generous, was dead, they chose his brother Rahman to succeed him. The latter proposed to surpass the glory which the deceased had acquired with his people by his beneficence. His mo­ther, Scherbeckah, seeing this zeal, spoke to him in these terms:

‘It is in vain, my son, that thou strivest to imitate thy brother. Still, let thy actions be sincere. However foolish may be the observations of men when they judge themselves they are very ingenious when the question is to judge another. In the same way as they distinguish light from darkness, even so they perceive with accuracy the difference that ex­ists between another’s Virtues and Vices, espe­cially if the object of their remarks be their king or their superior: for, if it happens some­times that the good qualities of such or such a prince pass unperceived, it never happens that one is sincerely praised by the people for a virtue which he only feigns to have. I know thy heart, my son; I know that it is not over­much inclined to generosity. However, what­ever thou wouldst do, do it sincerely.’

Thus spoke Scherbeckah.

But Rahman was too haughty and too presumptuous to follow the advice of his mother. He caused a great pavilion to be set up, wherein he gave audience to all those who had any request to make.”


Jeff returned to work and The Director showed up in the lab just a few minutes later.

“How are things going?” asked The Director.

“Very well thank you” answered Jeff quite proudly.

Jeff did not share his photographs with The Director. However he did show him his recopied notes and explained his breakthrough.

“I think we can have “The Magic Ring” and its accompanying research in the hands of the FDA within the next year.

“That is great work” said the director. He shook Jeff’s hand, turned around and walked out the door.

Before the workday was done The Director had given Jeff his “Notice of Termination.” He was also kind enough to give Jeff two week’s pay and verbal direction to leave; “Immediately.”

The director added “Your technical notebook is the property of Big Pharma and it is now in my possession.”

Jeff knew he had lost all future recompense for his work due to the hypocrisy of The Director.

TOMORROW:  13.  Progeny


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