9. Invisible Factories (Genetically Modified); The Prisoner

“Ali, son of Abbas, was one evening with the Caliph Mamund, when his servants brought before him a man who was bound hand and foot. The Caliph, having great confidence in Ali, ordered him to guard the prisoner during the night, and to bring him to him the next day in order to have his sentence pronounced.

Ali led home the prisoner, and locked him up.

Ali asked the stranger who he was.

“I am of Damascus,” answered the prisoner; “my house is not far from the great mosque.”

“Heaven bless that city,” exclaimed Ali, “and, more than all, that quarter! For there a man saved my life.”

“I should die happy, could I find him and evince my gratitude.”

“Thy desires are accomplished,” replied the prisoner; “I am the man who received thee in his house: dost thou not recognize me?


Jeff knew how the story would end. Ali would talk the Caliph into loving the prisoner and he would be released.

Jeff parked his car in Big Pharma’s parking lot and went directly to the lab. He sat down and was reading his technical notes from the nights previous work. He wished to ensure that he restarted the experiment in the correct sequence.

But there, in the technical notebook, was;

Not his notes, but rather a wondrous pencil sketch of beautiful Arabian women.

Jeff was furious! Who could have done such a thing?

Jeff remembered the security cameras and was determined to find out who had sabotaged his technical notes.

He and The Director approached the security desk and asked the officer to review all the recorded video from the time Jeff departed the lab until he arrived in the morning.

The recordings offered nothing!

The lab had been empty all night.

“How could that be?” Jeff wondered aloud.

The Director was disturbed by the situation but had other pressing meetings to attend. He left Jeff at the security desk with the guard.

Jeff asked the guard to back up the tape to just before the supper hour. The guard did as requested. They watched together. Once again the lab was empty during supper after which Jeff was alone in the lab.

Jeff’s image, in fast forward, performed his experiments, made copious notes in his technical manual and then departed; just as Jeff had remembered it.

Jeff’s was in need of an Ali and a Caliph to release him from this dilemma.


TOMORROW:  10. The Man of Sensibility


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