5. Invisible Factories (Genetically Modified); The Dream of Mirza

Abdallah continues to speak;

“My head cast down, I was walking, in affliction, on the banks of the Euphrates. The sun was setting behind the mountain-tops, and all living things in nature were filled with delight at the soft splendor which flooded both earth and heaven; I alone was sad.

‘No,’ I exclaimed within myself, ‘there is no Providence that watches over men: they are insects without name, and their wretched life is given up to chance! Are not the wicked happy, while the good languish?’

Thus I spoke. I sat myself beneath a palm-tree, I gazed upon the murmuring waves of the river, and I wept.”

Jeff gives great thought to Abdallah’s anguish and the dream that Abdallah had that night on the Euphrates. Someone called him by the name of “Mirza” and for the rest of the night Abdallah was indeed Mirza.

Jeff also remembers the part of the story where an omen appreared to Mirza.

A beautiful mother was suckling her child by an oasis. The mother fell into a stuper, the child reached for her, accidently touched an asp and was bitten. The child died.

Abdallah, now Mirza, was taken through the heavens to faraway lands. He saw beautiful mountains, streams, flowered valleys and fields of lilies where his niece and her husband were weaving garlands.

The man who was leading Mirza through the dream said;

“It is only in the bosom of eternity that unhappy virtue finds its recompense. Go then, Mirza, go, and respect the decrees of Providence, even when they appear to thee to be unjust.”

Jeff attempted to determine why he continued thinking about Abdallah. Did his childhood bedtime stories have that much influence on him?

He surely could not accept that answer. He was now a grown man doing a grown man’s work at Big Pharma.


TOMORROW:   5.   Abdallah and the Dervish


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