4. Invisible Factories (Genetically Modified); The Magic Ring

“Abdallah, son of Stanif, received from his master Shah-Yahan, Sultan of India, orders to go to the Island of Boriko, to seek there the water of life; whose source, according to an ancient tradition, is to be found in that island. The accomplishment of such a commission was not easy, because nobody knew in what part of the world the island was situated; but as Abdallah could not escape the will of the Sultan, and as he had heart enough to hazard anything, he departed from Agra the next day at early dawn.

Whatever was the courage of our traveler, his adventurous enterprise did not fail to awake in his mind painful ideas. He was on horse­back, absorbed in his reflections; he had out-ridden by some hundred paces the caravan.”

Now Jeff is clear as to what happens next. Abdallah meets a young man named Almoraddin. Almoraddin tells him of  Queen Zalikah who allows one to enter the port of her Queendom only on one condition. That condition being that the queen gives the man who wants to enter a ring. If he still has the ring the next morning he is allowed to marry the queen; if not he is banished without his treasure or his ship.

Jeff also knew that this magic ring could bring both happiness and sadness to its holder.

Likewise Abdallah had learned how to ingratiate himself with those from the palace. Secrets were learned and a path forward was pursued.

Jeff wondered; is the Magic Ring a metaphor for “education?”

Almoraddin had found the secret of the ring, married the Queen but then needed Abdallah to renounce his loyalty to the Sultan. “No,” says Abdallah, “I have vowed fidelity to the Sultan, my master.”

Jeff realizes that his journey has ended even though his pursuit of fame has not.

He decides to do his research and continue his loyalty to Big Pharma.


TOMORROW:   5. The Dream of Mirza


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