THE MAN WHO LOST A THOUGHT: Socrates and Ion (Post XX)

The sad man once again started his discussion about his lost thought. He wondered if possibly he should stop thinking about thoughts. He voiced aloud that maybe he was trying too hard. Then again maybe if he gave his brain a rest the lost thought would return. Or was there another method that would allow him to recover his lost thought. Where would he start his quest anew?

He surprised me a bit with where he started.


“Before the advent of religion – – – – – that was the only place to start. But where does religion begin? My life experiences taught me that they began with the life of Christ. Therefore I must start before that. But then there was Judaism, Abraham and Christ’s other predecessors.”

“I decided to start by reading the dialogues conducted by Socrates. Back to the libraries I went. I searched for the clearest books that I could find on the subject. I read them all from beginning to end. With this completed I retreated to my simple life in the cabin.”

“As I walked in the woods the dialogues appeared. They turned over and over in my mind. I don’t mean all the dialogues; just snippets of one dialogue or another. The dialogue between Socrates and Ion seemed to be my favorite. I believe this was because the conversation centered about the subject of inspiration.”

“Socrates really worked Ion over on the subject. He questioned Ion six ways from Sunday on what Ion felt when he performed his rhapsodies.”

“Did Ion have the feeling of an artisan or that of being drawn into another world?”

“Did Ion become a general when he rhapsodized about war?”

“Did he become a charioteer when he rhapsodized about equine racing?”

“Could a charioteer rhapsodize as well as Ion did?”

“The dialogue was intense and could have many meanings. The subject of Inspiration haunted me. Is that what I felt when I had my original lost thought? I believe that Inspiration was what I had been searching for all these years.”

“Maybe I had assembled an Inspirational metaphor. Do metaphors appear like a bolt of lightening or are they assembled as various thoughts are scrambled in the mind?”

“One of the metaphors that Socrates imparted to Ion could be the answer.”

“Socrates had described the nature of Inspiration to be similar to a magnetic rock. He said that the rock had the ability to pick up an iron ring. The rock was the original inspiration and the ring was like Ion being inspired. Ion was not the originator of the stories that he rhapsodized; Homer was. Homer had originated the stories and Ion became inspired by them. So much so that he was drawn into the stories as he rhapsodized.”

“Ion was not a general or anyone else in the story even though he felt that he may have been. Ion was supremely inspired as he rhapsodized; so inspired that he would believe that he was an actual general. The original thought was not Ion’s even though he felt that it may have been.”

“Is that what had happened to me? Was I somehow inspired by what I had read in a book and now believed that I had an original thought?”

“God, I hoped not.”

Then the sad man appeared to be overcome by fatigue. He sat on his log and rested.

However, I knew there was much more to be said.


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