THE MAN WHO LOST A THOUGHT: Churches and Sects (Post X)

Museums, obviously, were not the place to bring back an original lost thought. Nothing in Museums is original. However, the sad man did find a new hope; churches. There must be something in churches that is original and thought provoking. With that the sad man appeared to have his spirits lifted. He stood up and walked around a little bit.


As he neared my basket he lifted it up and peered inside. “Nice meal for tonight?” he asked while he perused my morel mushrooms and wild leeks.

I responded that it was my plan to have them that night along with a tender calf liver and bacon. He smacked his lips but said nothing. He took his place beneath the pine tree and went on with the story of his lost thought.

“I attended various Christian churches both on Sundays and Holy Days. There was something new to be learned in my every attendance.”

“There were the beliefs of the Catholics, the beliefs of the Pentecostals, those of the Baptists, the Russian Orthodox, the Methodists, the Episcopalians, the Orthodox of the Greek persuasion – – – well – – – you can see where I am leading with this. There were as many beliefs as there were religions.”

“How did that happen? All from one philosophy and chopped into enough fragments to fill a – – – can I say this with candor? – – – a synagogue or a mosque. Even the Christians copied the Hebrews in some respects. And, if I am correct, the Muslims  made some room in their religion for Christians.”

“All these new ideas, all originating from the same facts. Some denominations even changed their minds half way through their history. I can see why man is confused. I thought that I was learning new ideas. Well, they were new to me but hardly new.”

“They had been sliced and diced, modified, twisted, re-worded and stretched beyond belief. There was even St. Christopher who had been demoted to Mr. Christopher for some reason or other. What was one to believe? Is there an original thought remaining in these organized religions? I remained hopeful and continued attending the variety.”

“Then one day I heard a minister give the accepted explanation of the Trinity.”

“I hollered out loud in church ‘That’s it. THAT IS MY LOST THOUGHT. The Trinity.’ As soon as I realized that everyone had turned around to see who was shouting in church, I shut up.”

“The minister caught me by the shoulder after mass. He asked what I knew about the Trinity.”

“I told him ‘The Father is God who is somewhere in the universe. If he isn’t God then the one who came before him must be God – – – or the one before him. Somewhere there is an original.'”

“‘The Son is Jesus whose miracles and philosophy we read in the scriptures. He originated with God so he must be God too.”

“The Holy Ghost is also God. The Holy Ghost resides in our minds and that is why God is always with us and knows everything we do.”

“The minister informed me that this idea has been around for quite a while and therefore was not very original.”

“My lost thought remained lost.”


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