THE DICHOTOMIST: Lecture 6 (Encyclopedic Listings of the Bolt)


We must list our citations for references to bolts. Therefore we must go back to the phenomena of the bolt. On the surface a bolt is a bolt. As we delve deeper into our critique of the bolt we soon discover that the phenomena can not only be listed, but it can be listed in an ascending order of importance; as follows:


The 6TH Annual Congress of Connectors             (Paris, 20 July 1963)


The Institutional Book of All Things Mechanical  (Pub. Brace and Bit, London, 1928, Version 28L, Ed. 2)

The correct bolt size is never initially selected (the law of emendation appears to be applied in this case

The majority of tire damage is caused by broken bolts in the road (the bolt is never foreseen; latent perception {aka “phantom recognition”} exists here

The horse is out of the barn prior to the door being bolted (language, perception, temporal and spatial phenomena)

Bolt threads may have American, British or other national standards (Several levels of errata are considered and consequential, yet quite insufficient)

A bolt of lightening may result in a death event (no longer any need for ‘in depth’ research on phantom sensations {are we describing the falling yet silent tree in the forest again?})

The color of a bolt is dependent upon its surface character (here one must consider wave length and anthropomorphism)

Bolts may have several head configurations, e.g.; hex {geometric or binary}, socket, slotted, etc. (adages can never be given enough credence; ‘two heads are better than one’

Does one really bolt, flee, run, scoot, or fly from a difficult decision? (only in Washington, DC)

Immediately above is a phenomena within a phenomena (a question listed as a phenomenal attribute and a political attribute)

A bolt out of the blue (the super set of 1. Tire damage   2. Bolt of lightening)

Bolt, as in; defect, secede, leap, break away, pull out, withdraw from, forsake, abandon, desert (see New York State Legislature  {also see D.C. above} )

Riveted (as in teenager observing a questionable internet site)

Borges’ Chinese Encyclopedia (from whom I very accurately plagiarized the above concept)



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