THE DICHOTOMIST: Lecture 5 (Meta- Anthropo-morpho-Callity)

Meta- Anthropo-morpho-Callity

Bolts appear to be made up of a solid inorganic mass. Let us delve into a few common but afore unmentioned attributes of the bolt. Some may refer to a screw as a bolt. Master mechanics would not accept this terminology but the layman may. Screws, strictly speaking, have a point on the end; bolts do not.

If a man offered a woman a “screw” – – – she may “bolt” (flee), or, she may “bolt” (latch) the door. A “bolt” (rod) now plays a part in this possibly occasion of chance or purpose (or promise). I am sure (that in the case of locking the door) she knew that the offer did not come as a “bolt out of the blue.” She may experience a metaphysical bolt of thunder at the terminal end of her experience. This may “bolt” (clinch) her emotional feelings for the man but he may “pull out” (bolt) the relationship prematurely. If he completes the relationship it will probably be “riveted” (as in ‘fastened with a bolt like object).

So where does this leave us? It informs us that bolts may have human-like (anthropomorphic) qualities. Also these qualities may have meanings yet unexplainable by man (metaphysical). We notice that the bolt has achieved the properties of gender. Language and political correctness may have had an  additive or subtractive influence on the level(s) of metaphysicality, anthropomorphologicality, and gender implicality.

None of these previous discussions have opened up the subject of phenomenology. Only when one has addressed the phenomena of the bolt can he draw any logical conclusions. A great philosopher opened up his discussion of phenomena with the subject of “phantom sensations.” The protagonist in this discussion was a French soldier who had lost an arm in battle. Yet – – – with the arm missing – – – he could still experience sensation (of various types; tingling, pain, pressure) in the arm that no longer existed.

What does this indicate? If the mind feels and believes, even momentarily, that something exists when in fact it does not exist then does this world have any place for existentialism? The mind thinks that the body exists but if it is possible for part of the body not to exist (and the mind is in error) then possibly the whole body (including the mind) does not exist.

Or is there another explanation? Possibly these phantom sensations are like the attributes of the burly bearded man previously discussed. We knew nothing of him but our minds could have jumped to any of several conclusions; most of them quite preposterous.

But that is how we learn. We see something, we assume other tangential things about it based on previous knowledge and test our hypothesis either directly or indirectly (immediately or in similar post circumstances). However, we have wandered far in this field of phenomenology. Suffice it to say that the phantom sensations may simply be suppressed memory.


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