THE DICHOTOMIST; Lecture 3, The Secret Agendas of Societies


Lecture 3 (on bolts)

The Secret Agendas of Societies

We have listed our concerns regarding the “of” societies. Have we overlooked the “for” societies? The clear answer is “no.” The “for” societies are the more subversive of the two. “Of” simply implies who constitutes the group. “For” implies advocacy. One must ask why a mechanical society or testing society or any sort of society of materials would be an advocate. One must dig deeper to determine what this “advocacy” is for. Do they advocate anarchy, violent overthrow, persecution, historical modification, colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, theocracy, thugocracy, Marxism, etc.?

On the surface it would appear that one such society is “for” standards and materials. Whose standards? Whose materials? Are they for British standards?  Apparently they are not all-inclusive and have a bigoted view of such things as Polynesian standards. How does a society of supposedly brilliant people advocate “against” when their own name states that they are “for?” It is a question that must be put to the test, and then, to rest. Government intervention is the only answer.

The question of the advocacy of “for” societies has only been half asked. We have asked “for whose standards” but we must also ask ourselves “for what materials?” Does this society advocate only for such substantive materials as steel or titanium? Do the lesser brotherhoods such as plastic and brass have a place in this society? They are all materials and should be treated as such.

Carrying the analogy farther why should we not be all-inclusive and be “for” gelatinous substances (Jello or pickled pigs feet) and water? Water has properties such as surface tension. Does not this form of tension fall into the same category as tensile strength? Why are these societies so discriminating?

We have exposed the political and institutional histories of bolts and also clarified their agendas. I believe you will be quite surprised and enlightened to be exposed to the philosophical history of the bolt. This I will do for you in my next session.







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5 Responses to THE DICHOTOMIST; Lecture 3, The Secret Agendas of Societies

  1. cindy knoke says:

    You are too clever my friend…….Hilarious~

    • Thanks Cindy. Good hearing from you. Either you aren’t posting as often or I have somehow missed some of them.

      Now all I have to do is figure out how to get this stupid professor and the lady’s man in Europe together so that the story may continue.

      I am sure it will all work out (but my readers may be mortified; that is for sure).

  2. SwittersB says:

    Nothing simpler but the conformity by laws of the bolt and nut always fitting as required? 🙂

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