The Political History (of the bolt)

We must look at the political motivations of several groups. These groups are typically “societies.” Societies generally have ulterior motives. These motives are hidden beneath several layers of their titles and their committees. “The Society for Criminal Justice” is such an example. Again, one must ask who, what, why, when and where. What is criminal justice? Who is the benefactor (or target) of such a society? Why was such a society formed? Was it formed in the middle of a political uprising, an anarchy? Where did the society form itself?

An Institutional History

Some of these answers seem to be found in the name of the organization. Such examples are ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) or the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Other political entities such as the BSI (British Standards Institution) have become deeply involved in setting standards for how a bolt should be used.

Each of us has an unalienable right as to how we wish to use a bolt. These rights were given to us in unquestionable documents such as the constitution and the Magna Carta. The Bill of Rights specifically defines our liberties in the use of right handed bolts. The people ensure these rights through a grass roots organization named the NBA (National Bolt Association).

Looking farther into these societies we see that some of them are “of” (Society OF Mechanical Engineers) and some are “for” (Society for Standards). It appears (and indeed is fact) that the “of” organizations limit their membership to certain types of people.

The bigotry of such limitations is apparent on its surface. Why should a group be allowed to discriminate in such a limiting manner? It is only decent and correct to allow fisherman to become members (and not only Mechanical Engineers). Do we actually know if there are fishermen allowed into these organizations; and if so are they subversive to the goals of the organization? If the question was put to the organization they may (under pressure) admit one or two fly fishermen simply to elevate the group’s status.

I submit that the correct name of such an organization should be the “ASMG” (American Society of Mechanical Generalists). But then we have limited the membership to Americans. What happened to the Great Society – The Melting Pot? What occurred that we should eliminate the waves of German, Polish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Vietnamese and Arabic peoples? We need a GSMG (Generic Society of Mechanical Generalists).

In our next lecture I will enlighten you about the hidden agendas of such societies.


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