THUS SPOKE FRED: Regarding West Germany (Chapter 19)

A letter from Fred to the Stuttgarters;


Listening to parables and lamentations is equally confusing. Parables with good intentions can have bad outcomes. Lamentations with bad intentions can have good outcomes. Pity those who hold a parable to the mirror and see a lamentation. Blessed are those who hold a lamentation to the mirror and see a parable.

And Fred, like a winged creature, thus flew across the water to the east side of the North Sea. He saw there a people of ambition, a people of seriousness, a people with goals in mind, a people who pushed each other to great destinations, a people hard on themselves, a people hard on their offspring, a people who accepted nothing less than perfection. And these people were bountifully rewarded.

These people hewed with precision, created with vision, planned with foresight, and produced with vigor. They held their recent history to the mirror and created a proud and noble nation. Yet their brothers and sisters remained orphaned in another state. This lamentation they could not yet hold to the mirror. Time is with these people.

That same recent history created an idiosyncrasy within them. How do a people live with such a history and yet avoid liberalism?  O yea to the individual conservative. O yea to the patriot that holds dear to his standards. Woe to those who wave the liberal flag in public only to fool themselves.

Fred gathered fond memories of his days walking with the Schwabishers. In response to “Gruss Got.” “Guten Morgen.” “Petri Heil.”  A deep tuba like response was always echoed back; “GRUSS GOT.” “MORGEN.”  and  “PETRI GOT.” And equally to the point; ever time his lady walked past the house of an old lady in Hildrizhausen she never failed to give Fred’s lady flowers or vegetables, or both.


Yea to those who offer libations and friendly conversation.

Honor to thee who help without asking.

May thou search endlessly for the shirker; thy multitude labor with joy.

Pleasurable countenances shall multiply in the parallel mirrors of life.

Let it be evident that perpetual care is lavished on home and lane.

Let not thine rotting hulks of chariots and carts reside in thy garden.

Place not discarded and unused possessions in thy front yard.

Register thy residence and chariot with Caesar.

Kill not wantonly the wild beast and fish.

Reserve the Sabbath and evening for the quiet of the soul.

And that was the goodness that Fred encountered east of the North Sea.


East and West Germany circa 1982

“Two years of libations, help, work, friendliness and good government left a lifetime of good memories”.         

Thus spoke Fred.      What more could Fred say?







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